2018 Spirits of the Past

For more than two decades, Medina's "Spirits of the Past" has been cooperatively staged by the Medina County Show Biz Company, The Medina County Arts Council, and the Medina County Historical Society. This guided walk around Medina's Historic Square shares stories about the lives of Medina's pioneers with dramatic reenactments performed by actors from the Medina County Show Biz Company

2017 Spirits of the Past

WALK WITH SPIRITS OF THE PAST returned to Public Square Sept. 7, 8 & 9, 2017 with six stories about Medina's history.  The history walk offered dramatized scenes featuring important characters from local history performed by Medina Show Biz.

2016 Spirits of the Past

2015 Spirits of the Past:

2014 Spirits of the Past:

2014 "Spirits of the Past" Photos by Sarabeth Clarke

2013 Spirits of the Past