Spirits of the Past: Walk Into History


For the 24th year, Medina County Show Biz Co., Medina County Historical Society and Medina County Arts Council (MCAC) collaborated to bring another successful ‘Walk into History: Spirits of the Past’ program to life. The event, held Sept. 5-8, attracted 600 attendees and included vibrant historical reenactments based on pioneers and events from Medina County’s rich past.

MCAC promoted the event, featuring actors stationed in locations on and nearby the Medina Square. Medina Show Biz auditioned and directed the actors, who read scripts written by Medina County Historical Society. Performances were conducted near the exact spots where the real-life events took place.

A special closing day program was also held at Miss Molly’s Tea Room, where audiences watched historical reenactments while enjoying a great meal.  

Spirits of the Past is cooperatively staged by the Medina County Show Biz Company, Medina County Arts Council and the Medina County Historical Society.

Dining for the Arts

Thank you to the participants who purchased Dining for the Arts tickets and the supporters of Medina County Arts Council who graciously opened their homes recently to offer great food and fun times to raise money for MCAC.