WALK WITH SPIRITS OF THE PAST returned to Public Square Sept. 7, 8 & 9, 2017 with six stories about Medina's history.  The history walk offered dramatized scenes featuring important characters from local history performed by Medina Show Biz.

2016 Spirits of the Past

2016 "Spirits of the Past" photos by Bill Beuther

Seven historical stories were presented on Sept. 8, 9 and 10 during a guided walk at locations around Medina Public Square.  An indoor performance and English Tea was enjoyed on Sept. 11 at Miss Molly's Tea Room in Medina.

This year's performances were co-directed by Marcia Aguiar and Donna Bica from Medina County Show Biz Co.  More than 500 attended the event, even with rainy weather Saturday evening, when guests were warmly welcomed into St. Paul's Episcopal Church to watch the actors portray Medina's pioneers.

At the beginning of the historical walk, guests met Charles Ramer as Zenus Hamilton, the first settler of Medina Township, as he helped with ticket taking; Jennifer Biggins Knaggs and Carolyn Robinson portrayed mourners at the Old Town Graveyard, along with Charlie Richards who, as Mr. Asire, the town's furniture maker and undertaker, shared a story about a traditional burial; Mike McClintock, as janitor Harry Jones, reported how hot candle wax dripped into a pile of gun powder, exploded and caused a huge courthouse fire in 1900; Ron Svoboda, Amy Annico and Gary Linden contributed a story about the Munson family's spiritual interest in speaking with the dead; Mark Levigne spoke about establishing an early local newspaper; Barry Frey shared A.I. Root's personal story at the original location of his business on the Square; and Cyndi McClintock, playing Mrs. Dalton Eddy, a 1900's farm wife, reflected on the changing women's roles in family and society.

For more than twenty years, Medina's "Spirits of the Past" has been cooperatively staged by the Medina County Show Biz Company, The Medina County Arts Council, and the Medina County Historical Society. This guided walk around Medina's Historic Square shares stories about the lives of Medina's pioneers with dramatic reenactments performed by actors from the Medina County Show Biz Company.


2015 Spirits of the Past:

2015 "Spirits of the Past" photos by Bill Beuther

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Medina’s “Spirits of the Past” , all new stories about significant individuals in Medina’s past were featured.  2015 "Spirits of the Past" Director: Donna Bica

Have you ever wondered how and why the Medina County Historical Society was born?  Or, what Medina County and Nantucket Island, Massachusetts have in common - besides salt water?  Important stories from visionaries were shared, from people who lived with purpose so future surveyors would be able to use the important tool of our Meridian Stones as benchmarks, and that important knowledge and local pieces of history would not be lost in time.  "Historical Society": Clara Ainsworth- Linda Stalvey, Judge Fremont O. Phillips- Charlie Richards; "Meridian Stone": Thomas Miller- Barry Frey, Mr. Powell- Ron Svoboda

Most everyone has vivid childhood memories of playing games in a schoolyard or of watching movies in darkened theatres that continue to live in our memory banks. How would those compare to schoolyard memories from 1884, or to viewing silent films in 1913 at Medina's first 'picture show' on the square long before 'talkies' were invented? "1884 Schoolyard Games": Miss Simpson- Kate Levigne, Children- Sawyer Darney, Stephen Levigne, Matt McClintock, Carolyn Bower, Emily Winnicki, Maggie Selva; "Medina Theaters": Grace Selva, Donna Bica

Medina citizens played important roles during the Civil War, many valiantly served the Union during the war-between-the-states in countless ways.  We heard their stories; from a man who bravely hid fugitive slaves in his family barn and ardently campaigned throughout the county for Abraham Lincoln; to a woman whose husband enlisted in 1861 and died a hero at the Battle of Shiloh.  He had served Medina Village as mayor, an attorney, and an Ohio state representative.  She used her grief and belief in their cause to selflessly travel south, performing exhausting, self-taught duties of a Civil War nurse, even personally asking Generals Grant and Sherman for necessary transportation for the wounded soldiers. "Stumping for Lincoln": H.G. Blake- Ron McMillan, Elizabeth Blake- Theresa McMillan; "Civil War Nurse": Martha Canfield- Cyndi McClintock

2014 Spirits of the Past:

2014 "Spirits of the Past" Photos by Sarabeth Clarke

Medina’s Nineteenth Annual “A Walk With Spirits of the Past” took place September 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2014.  Dramatic performances about Medina history were performed at locations around Medina's Historic Square by actors from The Medina County Show Biz Company.  The annual event is cooperatively staged by The Medina County Show Biz CompanyThe Medina County Historical Society, and The Medina County Arts Council.

This year’s presentations were directed by Donna Bica and Marcia Aguiar.

John Glover portrayed Joe Reno, a free black man and popular barber at the American Hotel on the square; Chloe Mlinarcik was an early telephone operator talking about the "sneaky" things going on in 1901 when the telephone lines were just being installed; John Burke appeared as Captain Wolf, a Native American who lived in the Medina area in the early 1800's;  Mark Levigne was O.N. Leach– Clothier, Hattier & Haberdasher and told his funny story about price wars with another merchant; Cyndi McClintock depicted Mrs. Zenus Hamilton, a first resident of Medina;  three temperance ladies, Theresa McMillan, Linda Stalvey, Kaitlyn Levigne, told how they organized Medina's Temperance League and what they did in 1874 to pass an ordinance against the "evils of alcohol" ; and four gentlemen toasted the virtues of Medina at a July Fourth celebration in 1821– Ron Svoboda, Charlie Richards, Ron McMillan, Jim Hagen.

2013 Spirits of the Past

2013 "Spirits of the Past" photos by Sheila Pack

Medina’s Eighteenth Annual “A Walk With Spirits of the Past” took place September 6, 7, and 8, 2013.   Actors cast in the six stories this year included: Mark Levigne,  Ron McMillan,  Myrna Dooley, Ron Svoboda, Dawn Img, Emily Winnicki, Maggie Selva, and Amanda Clements.